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Untitled christmas drabble [Blake/Jayden - Heavy Rain]

Let me just say: NEVER start joke-shipping something. Because I did that and now look where I am.
Something I wanted to write up for christmas while I work on a massive dump of prompts that were kindasorta supposed to be one sentence each as a writing practice for this pairing, but somehow each of them turned into almost fully-fletched fics in their own right. So. It's going to take a while to finish.


Tried to keep this as in-character and believable as possible, despite the fluffiness factor, but well, y'know. Hopefully I didn't miss the mark by too much.

(Also, I'm late in posting this here - obviously, it hasn't been christmas in over a month! - buuut I...kind of forgot about this journal? Oops?)

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Blake/Jayden
Rating: G
Word count: 485

"Blake comes awake to soft sounds echoing faintly through the house."

Blake comes awake to soft sounds echoing faintly through the house. In his still-drowsy state it takes him a while to recognize the sound as the TV and what sounds suspiciously… He frowns. It sounds suspiciously like cartoons.

Frowning, he sits up on the bed. Morning light, barely pale enough to be even called that, is filtering weakly through the blinds on the window and though Blake can’t be assed to check the time on the alarm clock, he would hazard the time is barely past 7 in the morning.

Turning slightly, he isn’t surprised to find Jayden’s side of the bed empty and already cool. Figures. Guy’s probably been awake for an hour already, at least, fucking early bird.

With a sigh, Blake pulls himself up and into a bathrobe before making his way down the hall into the living room.

The sight that awaits him makes him shake his head, although it is accompanied by an incredulous curve of his mouth.

Jayden, clad in frankly ridiculously festively-coloured PJs, is sitting curled up on the couch, legs and bare feet pulled up under himself and gaze fixed on the TV, where a cartoon that Blake doesn’t recognize is running. He is cradling a mug of something in his hand, carefully sipping it every now and again, occasionally chuckling into it when something supposedly-funny happens on-screen.

“What time is it?” Blake asks through a yawn, unable to help himself from delighting in the way Jayden startles at the sound of his voice and has to cough up whatever it is he is drinking from where he inhaled it down the wrong pipe.

“Bloody hell, Carter”, Jayden grumbles, wiping his chin and glaring at his partner. “That was uncalled for.”

Blake only chuckles, giving his head an almost-fond shake, until the scent of Jayden’s spilled drink finally registers in his nose.

Really, Jayden?” he scoffs, eyebrow cocked incredulously. “You’re drinking fucking egg nog at – “, he cranes his head to check the clock on the living room wall, “8 bloody AM?”

The young agent only shrugs with a half-grin. “It’s Christmas?” he offers as a way of an explanation.

Blake lets out an amused huff at that. “You’re such a child”, he quips, squeezing himself down onto the couch next to Jayden and wrapping his arm lazily around the narrow shoulders as Jayden easily leans against his side. From this distance, he can see a faint dusting of powdered sugar, probably from one of the Christmas pastries, still clinging to the agent’s upper lip. It makes him smile.

“Come here, you slob”, he murmurs through a grin, grasping Jayden’s chin in one hand and tilting the agent’s face up towards himself, licking away the smudge of sugar before covering the soft lips with his own. Jayden’s mouth tastes of warmth and spices, with an edge of alcohol, and it’s so Christmassy and perfect that it’s almost nauseating.

Tags: blake/jayden, heavy rain

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