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50 Sentences [Lockon Stratos/Tieria Erde - Mobile Suit Gundam 00]

Title: 50 Sentences - LockonTieria
Pairing: Lockon Stratos/Tieria Erde
Raiting: PG-13
Prompt: Theme Set Alpha [1sentence]

#01 - Comfort
The only thing Lockon can do as Tieria weeps in his arms, unsure fingers hovering just above the eyepatch and an endless litany of "I'm sorry"s on his lips, is hold the smaller pilot close and kiss him, softly and reassuringly, until he stops trembling.

#02 - Kiss
Even after so many times, Lockon's kiss still takes Tieria's breath away and threatens to buckle his knees every time, just as easily as it did the first time.

#03 - Soft
In the beginning, Lockon never would have imagined applying the word to any aspect of Tieria, but now he can't stop marvelling at how soft the Virtue pilot's skin is, glowing almost white in the moonlight as he runs his hands adoringly over it.

#04 - Pain
Sometimes Tieria wonders, if he had been there to beg it of Lockon, instead of fighting his own battles, would he have been able to stop the sniper from launching that final time; probably not, he thinks, and it breaks his heart.

#05 - Potatoes
Lockon can't help the chuckle bubbling up from his chest as he watches Tieria peel the potatoes for their dinner with far more concentration than is necessary, thin eyebrows pulled into one his absolutely adorable frowns.

#06 - Rain
His umbrella tumbling from his limp grasp, Tieria raises his face towards the sky, the heavy rain mixing with his tears as he kneels down to place a bouquet of flowers on the grave where a part of his heart is buried.

#07 - Chocolate
The expression on Tieria's face, when Lockon's fingers smeared the rich, dark chocolate sauce on his abdomen for the first time, is forever etched into the sniper's memory; wine-red eyes at first widening in surprise and curiosity, then fluttering enticingly closed when Lockon followed the same path with his tongue.

#08 - Happiness
Tieria doesn't think he has ever felt this warm, this loved before as he lies nestled under Lockon's arm, his head resting on the sniper's naked chest, just above his heart, as Lockon's hand runs up and down his side in a soft, loving caress.

#09 - Telephone
Tieria's answering voice on the other end of the line sounds sleepy and slightly incoherent, and Lockon mentally kicks himself for forgetting the time difference, but he can still hear the fondness in the other Meister's 'hmph' when he says cheerfully, "Hey, just called to say 'I love you'."

#10 - Ears
There is sensitive spot right behind Tieria's ear, Lockon is pleased to discover, that makes the purple-haired pilot let out an interesting sound every time the sniper runs his lips over it.

#11 - Name
Tieria never thought it was possible for him to react to the sound of his own name as he does now, when Lockon presses him suddenly against the wall and whispers his name hotly in his ear in-between playful kisses.

#12 - Sensual
Tieria's body is wonderfully easy on the eyes, all graceful lines and fluid movements; even if the purple-haired pilot himself seems to be completely oblivious to his own sensuality and only raises a mystified eyebrow whenever he catches Lockon running an appreciative eye over him.

#13 - Death
I hate you, Tieria wants to say, wants to scream as he stands in front of the simple grave, but all that comes out is a broken whisper: "Thank you for loving me".

#14 - Sex
Sex was never high on Tieria's list of priorities – in fact it was never on his list at all; he has never felt comfortable letting someone so close – but as Lockon coaxes pleasure from his body, telling him how beautiful he is like this, Tieria finds himself wanting more.

#15 - Touch
If he hadn't come to love it so much by now, Tieria would be mortified by how easily Lockon's touch, a simple brush of the sniper's hand against the curve of his lower back, makes something warm rush through his body.

#16 - Weakness
In Tieria's mind, weaknesses had always been a miserable, pathetic human thing, an unwanted crack in something that should never be anything less than perfect – but when it came to Lockon, he quickly found the sniper was a weakness he couldn't fight.

#17 - Tears
Sometimes Tieria thinks that he has finally run out of tears, until he wakes up alone, his bed empty and the room deafeningly silent, and the strangling pain in his chest becomes too much.

#18 - Speed
The speed of Lockon's car is blinding as the sniper races through the narrow streets, causing colour to drain from Tieria's face in the passenger seat, but it doesn't even come close to comparing to the speed of the purple haired pilot's heartbeat as Lockon later lays him down on the narrow back seat and makes him his.

#19 - Wind
Lockon is hard-pressed to think of something more heart-stoppingly beautiful as he watches the gusty ocean breeze play with Tieria's hair, sweeping the vibrant purple tresses in the shorter pilot's smiling face as they walk down the rocky beach near where Lockon was born.

#20 - Freedom
Occasionally Tieria catches himself wondering, in brief, irrational flashes of thought, what if: what if they were anywhere but in Celestial Being, free of the strict hierarchy and orders, free to be lovers without the constant fear of death – but then he realizes that he probably wouldn't know how to live like that.

#21 - Life
"So, Lockon... How do I look?" Tieria finds himself whispering at his own reflection as he smoothes his hands unsurely over the flowing red dress and fake breasts, a melancholy frown tugging at the corner of his mouth; and just for a moment he imagines a fond laugh caressing his mind, "Darling, you look absolutely wonderful.”

#22 - Jealousy
Do you think you are the only one on this ship who has loved and lost?, Tieria finds himself thinking bitterly, almost viciously, as he watches Lyle take his misery over Anew out on Setsuna.

#23 - Hands
Tieria's hands fascinate Lockon: so nimble when practically flying over a keyboard, so hard when wrapped around the controls of his Gundam, and yet so delicate and fragile and small as they grasp desperately at the back of Lockon's shirt when Tieria wraps his arms around the sniper in a moment of misery.

#24 - Taste
Lockon has to swallow past the lump of arousal rising in his throat as the offered spoon slips past Tieria's lips and he watches the other Meister lick his lips, carefully savouring the taste of the tomato sauce.

#25 - Devotion
Tieria has only once before in his life been as fully and completely devoted to something – to VEDA – and in a small corner of his heart he is deathly afraid that this, too, will eventually be ripped away from him – like VEDA was.

#26 - Forever
"He lives in you, in your heart", someone once told him, after, and Tieria wants to find comfort in it, but the words ring hollow when the only forever he has ever found himself wanting has been robbed from him.

#27 - Blood
Tieria has never had any issues with seeing blood, has never been particularly affected by it, but the moment they manage to wrench Dynames's cockpit open and the sea of blood droplets floats up to meet them, the Virtue pilot feels queasy with so much fear and guilt that his own blood runs suddenly cold.

#28 - Sickness
There is nothing Lockon can do except hold Tieria's hair up and rub comforting circles around the heaving back, murmuring apologies as the excess alcohol purges itself violently from the smaller Meister's body.

#29 - Melody
"I don't dance", Tieria insists sternly, his arms crossed over his chest in defiance, stubbornly digging his heels in despite Lockon's best efforts at both persuading and bribing him to enter the club.

#30 - Star
In the past it was nothing but painfully foolish superstition to him, but now, whenever a star shoots brightly across the sky, Tieria can't stop himself from making a teary-eyed wish that wherever Lockon is now, he is at peace.

#31 - Home
"The paint is supposed to go on the walls, you know", Lockon grins, trying very hard not to laugh at the big smears of paint covering Tieria's delicate face and highlighting his hair.

#32 - Confusion
Sometimes Tieria gets thrown off by the oddest things, comments anyone else would just shrug off, and though Lockon can't quite explain why, it never fails to bring a warm, fondly amused smile to his lips when he manages to catch that extremely rare, completely unguarded expression of naked wonder and confusion on Tieria's pretty face.

#33 - Fear
Sometimes when he thinks of Lockon, Tieria feels his heart fill with ice-cold, gut-wrenching dread: what if what he means to Lockon is less than what Lockon means to him; and what if one day the sniper realizes that Tieria is not what he wants, what he loves.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder
Tieria's intense dislike for thunderstorms is plain to see, even if the pretty pilot does his best not to show it; the way he focuses on small, menial tasks with forced concentration so as not to notice the raging storm so completely beyond his control – until Lockon puts his arms around him and kisses him until he can think of nothing else.

#35 - Bonds
Sometimes, when the heartache grows too strong, Tieria finds himself feeling inexplicably angry – before this, he had been fine on his own, fine with not opening himself up to anyone, but now his heart is shattered and the only one who could put the pieces back together was the one who thoughtlessly broke it – and he can't stop the bitter little thought from taking shape: Why form this bond if you were only going to break it?

#36 - Market
The streets are absolutely filled with people, and normally Tieria would hate it, the mass of people making him feel claustrophobic, but somehow, with Lockon's hand in his, their fingers lovingly interlaced as the sniper guides him along, he finds he doesn't mind being here quite so much.

#37 - Technology
The way Tieria's fingers dance effortlessly, lightly, on the keyboard, hour after hour, his eyes never wavering from the endless stream of text and number, as if somehow the purple-haired Meister is one with the computer – and in some way, the sniper supposes, he is – is an endless source of wonder to Lockon.

#38 - Gift
"What is this?" Tieria asks, an open expression of confusion on his face as he eyes the small gift-wrapped box Lockon has pushed in his hands, and the sniper can only grin, fully aware Tieria hadn't expected him to pay enough attention to remember this date, "It's a present, silly~ Happy birthday!"

#39 - Smile
The first time Lockon ever saw Tieria smile, really smile and not just smirk complacently, he had almost forgotten how to breathe – and even though now the tender expression is more frequent on Tieria's face when they are alone together, it is still rare enough that it takes his breath away every time.

#40 - Innocence
Despite Tieria's harsh and unyielding and sometimes downright difficult personality, Lockon knows that under all the scathing remarks and single-minded perfectionism, the other Meister is far more fragile than he wanted people to know – you just had to know where to look.

#41 - Completion
"Hey, gorgeous", Lockon smiles fondly, smoothing the back of his hand against Tieria's flushed cheek as the smaller pilot lies under him, naked body still sweaty and trembling.

#42 - Clouds
"Hey, doesn't that look a little like Virtue?" Lockon suddenly speaks up, pointing at a cloud and poking Tieria gently in the side to gain his attention, prompting an incredulous huff and a "hardly", spoken with a long-suffering fondness before the purple-haired Meister returns his eyes to his book.

#43 - Sky
Sometimes, when he is on Earth, Tieria goes outside to stand under the vast, black night sky, feeling as if, somehow, he is closer to Lockon like this – as if, somehow, inexplicably, the sniper is still here with him, caressing his face with the night wind.

#44 - Heaven
Somewhere, at the end of everything, Tieria imagines meeting Lockon again at the beach on their island base, the sun shining down on them and the warm waves rolling around their feet as the sniper gathers him back into his arms, kisses him deeply and never lets go again.

#45 - Hell
Tieria has never believed in such a thing – he has never been religious in any sense of the word (except, some might say, when it came to VEDA) – but in the days following Lockon's death, he can certainly relate to the concept of Hell.

#46 - Sun
Tieria smiles, an affectionate quirking of his lips, as he watches the freckles on Lockon's face become more and more pronounced each day – a quality he finds himself viewing as quite endearing.

#47 - Moon
"That's ridiculous, Lockon", Tieria scoffs, his yukata-clad body pulling ever-so-slightly away from under the sniper's arm as he turns to give him a no-nonsense look, "There can't be a rabbit living on the Moon, that's scientifically impossible and you know it!"

#48 - Waves
There is something casually cute, and at the same time sensual, Lockon notes, about the way the ocean waves lap around Tieria's pale calves as the Virtue pilot wades in the shallow water.

#49 - Hair
Tieria's hair has always been a point of fascination for him, but now Lockon finds himself staring, mesmerized in breath-snagging wonder, as the soft, dark tresses hang against the lily-white paleness of the slender pilot's naked shoulders.

#50 - Supernova
There was never going to be enough time for them – somewhere in his heart Tieria realizes he always knew that – but what little they had will always burn bright and intense in his heart.
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