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We Were Left In This World For Each Other [Lockon/Tieria - Mobile Suit Gundam 00]

I can't believe I forgot to post this. Oh wow. And I can't believe how long it's been since I've actually written something "proper" about these two.

Title: We Were Left In This World For Each Other
Pairing: Lockon/Tieria
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 305
Prompt: Neil/Tieria wedding/wedding night [doubleexchange Summer Exchange 2009]
"Tieria gasps, his hand raising to cover his mouth, as Lockon carries him over the threshold of their hotel suite."

Tieria gasps, his hand raising to cover his mouth, as Lockon carries him over the threshold of their hotel suite.

The room is lit only by a small assortment of scented candles swimming in round bowls of water, filling the space with a soft, romantic glow and a heady scent Tieria can't quite recognize. Scattered everywhere are large, deep red rose petals, covering everything from the fuzzy carpet in front of the fireplace to the large double bed, and Tieria finds his heart suddenly beating pleasantly faster at the sight.

He is brought back to the present when Lockon lays him reverently on the bed, the white satin sheets rustling invitingly under their joint weight as the sniper climbs up after him, laying himself carefully over the smaller pilot.

For a long moment they only lie there, gazing at each other silently, their breathing the only sound in the room, before Lockon reaches out a hand to caress the long, pale column of Tieria's neck, his voice full of adoration as he whispers,

"I love you, Tieria Erde."

Then his mouth is on Tieria's, hot and passionate, and the purple-haired Meister's reply is lost in breathy gasp.

His fingers continuing to caress Tieria's neck, Lockon runs his tongue over his new husband's lower lip, nipping at it playfully, before pulling back just enough to whisper,

"Or maybe I should say, Stratos."

The sniper feels Tieria's half-snort, half-laugh against his mouth and knows the other Meister is rolling his eyes.

"In your dreams, mister."

Lockon's grin can only be described as lascivious as he presses his lips back against Tieria's.

"Oh, you bet."

After that there are no more words, only the sounds of quickened breathing and gasping moans as Lockon makes Tieria truly his, slow and loving and passionate until the morning light finds them.
Tags: 00 exchange, gundam 00, lockon/tieria

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