Blockhead Grande (kamaitachi) wrote in virchuu,
Blockhead Grande

Moshpit [Lockon/Tieria - Mobile Suit Gundam 00]

Title: Moshpit
Pairing: Lockon/Tieria
Rating: G
Word count: 531
Notes: Suggested listening: Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance.
"Tieria lets out an anxious sigh of air, panic rising in his chest as he loses sight of Lockon for what feels like a millionth time during the night."

Tieria lets out an anxious sigh of air, panic rising in his chest as he loses sight of Lockon for what feels like a millionth time during the night. All around him people are flailing violently this way and that, pushing into his personal space and crashing into him as they move to the loud, equally violent music that resonates deep in Tieria's belly and makes his ears ring.

Feeling oppressed and completely out of his depth among the jostling crowd, Tieria curses under his breath, his eyes darting around desperately in an attempt to spot Lockon. There are people as far as he can see in the smokey club, all acting similarly crazy, making it hard to recognize anyone and Tieria is starting to get truly worried that he has lost Lockon.

"Damn you, Lockon. How did you get me to agree to this?", Tieria mutters, trying to stay upright in the press of the moshing crowd, his frown deepening as people collide into him, making him feel almost violated by all the bodies touching his. Then suddenly, as if summoned by Tieria's thoughts, from somewhere behind him a hand cups his buttocks, groping him hard through the tight material of his jeans, causing a shocked yelp to escape Tieria's lips. Immediately the purple-haired young man is pivoting around, his eyes darting around for the leering face he expects to see, but all around him people seem to be concentrated only on their violent dancing and he can no longer tell where the hand came from.

"There you are!"

Suddenly Lockon appears from the crowd to stand next to him, shouting to be heard over the loud music as he bounces where he stands, unable to keep himself still in the rhythmic beat. His grinning face is sweaty and flushed, his ginger hair swishing wildly this way and that as he moves, strands of it sticking to his forehead and neck even as he tries to sweep them aside, and despite his disgruntlement Tieria can't help but notice how happy Lockon looks.

Taking in Tieria's expression and the way he keeps glaring at the people around him, Lockon chuckles and pulls the purple-haired young man against himself, his arms wrapping around the slim waist and forcing Tieria to move along with him.

"Hey, relax! This is meant to be fun."

Tieria rolls his eyes, opening his mouth to raise his voice over the roar of the music to tell Lockon just what he thinks of the Irishman's idea of fun, but his words are lost in a surprised gasp as Lockon unexpectedly leans down to capture his lips with his own in a deep but playful kiss.

Humming against Tieria's mouth, Lockon runs his hands down the slim, jean-covered hips before giving one last peck to side of Tieria's mouth and pulling back just enough to rub their noses together impishly.

"So less with the seriousness, okay?", he murmurs just loud enough for Tieria to hear.

Then, without waiting for an answer, Lockon slides his arm around Tieria's waist and, already picking up the rhythm again and bouncing around wildly, his hair tossing around, pulls him into the moshing crowd.
Tags: gundam 00, lockon/tieria

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