Blockhead Grande (kamaitachi) wrote in virchuu,
Blockhead Grande

30_breathtakes table [Lockon/Tieria - Mobile Suit Gundam 00]

(01) wind in your hair (02) sun on your face (03) the look in your eyes (04) in the snow
(05) the way you walk (06) handwriting; letter (07) orange sunset (08) you’re good at what you do
(09) body language (10) hands (11) in silk (12) you look handsome in a suit/dress
(13) tangled in the sheets (14) while in the shower (15) amazing kiss (16) pretty in pink
(17) sweet nothings; soft whisperings (18) in the rain (19) soft lips (20) jewelry
(21) scent; musk; perfume; cologne (22) flushed cheeks (23) asleep on the couch (24) intoxicating
(25) singing voice (26) clear blue skies (27) first sunglight in the morning (28) the view from here; vista
(29) vibrant colors (30) i watch your back as you walk away (31) in the silence of the rain (32) like a sculpture
(33) the way you dance (34) never mine (35) underneath the willow tree (36) smiling face
(37) notebook; sketchbook (38) you laugh with your whole body (39) even when you’re sick (40) i can hear the beating of your heart

Tags: 30_breathtakes, gundam 00, lockon/tieria, table
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