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50 Sentences [Okikurmi/Amaterasu - Ôkami]

From 2007.

Title: 50 Sentences - OkiAma
Pairing: Okikurmi/Amaterasu
Raiting: G
Prompt: Theme Set Gamma [1sentence]

#01 – Ring
She is running outside in the bright sunlight, carefree as always in the fresh snow, and he could swear he can see beams of sunlight gathering around her, forming a halo of fire on her back.

#02 – Hero
When the sun finally bursts out and brings back light and warmth, his heart skips a beat and he feels like he is going to explode from joy; she did it, she’s still alive and has beaten darkness, like he knew she would, and the smile that forms on his face is loving and tender as he raises his hand to salute the shining sun.

#03 – Memory
He remembers every little detail about her – the way her eyes sparkled in merriment, the way her body curved elegantly as she ran and how soft her coat felt under his fingers – and the memories are the only thing keeping him sane as he prays every night for her to come back to him.

#04 – Box
Whenever he is with her, he gets an overwhelming urge to freeze time – to store all these perfect moments in a box where he can keep them close to his heart and never let go.

#05 – Run
They are dashing down the forest path, side by side, kicking up snow as they go, and as their gazes meet, he almost forgets he is supposed to best her and is simply content to drown in the happiness in her eyes.

#06 – Hurricane
She just burst into his life one day, just as she burst into his hut to get away from the cold, and swept through his mind – and he will be forever grateful for it.

#07 - Wings
She is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, the sun of his life, and it feels like he could fly every time she looks at him with that adoring look on her face.

#08 – Cold
He isn't sure whether to feel sorry or secretly happy that she isn't used to the freezing cold weather of Kamui; on one hand, he hates seeing her shaking and miserable in the snow, but he certainly doesn't mind her snuggling up to him for extra warmth.

#09 – Red
It took him a while to see them, but now that he does, he can't take his eyes away from them: the red swirls that decorate her face and sides are the loveliest form of make-up he has ever seen.

#10 – Drink
She never really understood why people find sake so fascinating, but as she watches him stumble down the snowy path towards his hut after the festival, chortling to himself when he trips over his own feet in the dark, she can't help but shake her head and grin.

#11 – Midnight
It must be close to midnight when she finally returns to the hut – a quick, sleepy glance at the moon confirms his hunch – shakes the snow from her coat and slumps down next to him, still wet and cold; he simply pulls the cover over both of them, wraps his arms around her and draws her close.

#12 – Temptation
She watches with rapt attention, head tilted to the side, as he bathes in the icy river, the early morning sunlight glinting of his naked body - she knows he is aware of her presence and yet she can’t help the way her eyes are drawn to the graceful lines of his body.

#13 – View
She stands on the edge of the shrine, gazing at the landscape below them, her eyes wide in quiet awe as thousands of flowers petals float around her; to him, it's the most beautiful view he has ever seen.

#14 – Music
When she first met him, she wouldn't have taken him for the musical type; but now, as she snuggles against him as his fingers fly over the strings of his instrument, calling forth a song of sunlight and flowers and love, she wouldn't have it any other way.

#15 – Silk
He puts his arm around her, his hand coming to rest close to her heart, and as his fingers bury themselves in her coat, he finds himself thinking that this must be what the finest white silk feels like.

#16 – Cover
He stares at her, his mouth hanging open, a dusting of pink creeping up his face; her expression if full of amusement and mischief, and once again he is grateful for the mask he is wearing.

#17 – Promise
He knows there are no absolutes in life and promises are flighty things at best, but as he leans his forehead against hers, painfully aware of the Ark looming behind him, he can't help thinking, promise me you'll be alright.

#18 - Dream
Sometimes she seems too good to be true; it leaves him lying awake at night, staring at the dark ceiling as he wraps his arms around her and holds on tightly – if she is a dream, he never wants to wake up.

#19 – Candle
Even as they run through the pitch-dark forest, he never looses sight of her - her brilliant white coat glows bright in the moonlight as she flits through the trees, as if the very sun was running down the path with him.

#20 – Talent
She has to fight to keep her grin from splitting her face as she watches him struggle with the patching of his shirt; grumbles and muttered curses fill the room as he repeatedly pricks himself with the bone needle, and when he finally tosses the garment across the hut in a fit of rage and storms out, her amused barks echo after him.

#21 - Silence
They are sitting by side under the stars, pressed close to each other, watching the moon make its way slowly around the sky; his arm is wrapped tightly around her as she leans her head on his shoulder, the wind in the trees the only sound around them.

#22 – Journey
Sometimes when she sleeps, he takes a good long look at her and wonders about all the things she must have seen, must have gone through, and marvels at how she is still the smiling carefree creature she is.

#23 – Fire
She stares at the beast in front of her, unable to keep the awe from her gaze – he is the fiercest creature she has ever come across, his heart burning with passion and strength so hotly that it rolls off him in waves; she looks deep into his red, glowing eyes and realizes that with him, eyes really are a window to the soul.

#24 – Strength
She, he thinks dazedly as he lies sprawled on the icy ground, coughing up snow, clumps of it still clinging to his coat, never fails to surprise him – for someone who appears so gentle and fragile, she is deceptively good at wrestling.

#25 – Mask
She can see the muscle in his jaw twitch with the effort of keeping a straight face and glares half-heartedly at him; the Imps, at least, thought her paper mask was lovely.

#26 – Ice
He is sitting by the river's edge, one eyebrow lifted in silent amusement as he watches her stagger on the ice, sliding this way and that; she reminds him of a newborn standing up for the first time, and when her legs suddenly give out and she ends up sprawled on the ice, he can't stop the fond chuckle from escaping his lips.

#27 – Fall
He regards her silently across the fire, taking in the familiar shape of her sleeping body, and wonders when exactly he gave her all of his heart; then, as she twitches and smiles in her sleep, he decides that it really doesn't matter when it happened, just that it did.

#28 – Forgotten
Sometimes it's hard to believe she is a Goddess: more often than not, she reminds him of a small child, experiencing things for the very first time, and he wonders how someone so divine can be so innocent.

#29 – Dance
She does the silliest things sometimes, he muses, grinning, as he sits outside his hut and watches her prance around in the snow, seemingly hell-bent on catching every single snowflake that drifts down around her.

#30 – Body
Watching him when he trains is always exhilarating, but it's all the more enjoyable when he discards his shirt, exposing the lean, graceful lines of his torso - it makes her heart flutter in ways she never thought possible.

#31 – Sacred
He stands under the giant cherry tree, gazing up at the gnarled branches carrying flowers that bloom bravely even in the freezing cold weather; if he closes his eyes, he can sense the divine spirit of the tree - it reminds him of her.

#32 – Farewells
He hates farewells - has always hated them - but never more than when he has to let go of her; his heart is aching as he looks at her and wonders what she is about to face, and as he watches her walk determinately up the bridge of light, it's hard to keep his eyes from misting over.

#33 – World
He knows it's selfish of him, to want to keep her for himself, always, and yet he can't shut out the part of his mind that wants to growl possessively at the world for asking him to share the one thing his heart wants – needs – more than anything.

#34 – Formal
There are no grand gestures or rituals when he finally acknowledges the fact that he has lost his heart to her – she knew long before he did, and the grin on her face is almost triumphant when he only smiles tenderly at her as she snuggles against him.

#35 – Fever
She has no idea what it's like to be ill, as she has never suffered from it herself, so when one morning he won't get out of bed and refuses to eat, instead spending the whole day rambling nonsense in his sleep, all she can do is sit by him with her heart in her mouth.

#36 – Laugh
His laugh is the loveliest, most contagious thing she has ever come across, and it's made all the more beautiful by the fact that it's so rare; it makes her feel special every time she is able to bring forth the rich baritone sound.

#37 – Lies
With her, it's easy to tell she is not used to the mortal world; her gaze, though often mischievous, is always sincere and free of deception, as if she doesn't understand the concept of it, and sometimes he finds himself thinking that she is far too fragile for a Goddess.

#38 – Forever
He watches as the Ark of Yamato, once so dreaded and cursed by their legends, now transformed into something majestic, sails gracefully through the sky, carrying his heart with it; reverently he places his hand on his heart, and as his eyes mist over, he whispers, you will always be here.

#39 – Overwhelmed
He has been known to enjoy helping the kids with their snowball rolling every now and then, but as he slumps down next to the giant ball of snow, sweating and breathing hard, and sees her still bouncing merrily about with her own, much larger snowball, he decides that this will definitely be the last of this sort of thing.

#40 – Whisper
Declarations of love are not something that come easily to him and she isn't the type to crave for them, but sometimes, when she is napping with her head on his lap, he bends down to whisper in her ear, I love you, Sun Goddess.

#41 – Wait
He stands in the river, his hands folded on his chest as he regards her with obvious amusement: her pose can only be described as defiant as she stares at the water, distaste written all over her features, and despite all his efforts she will not set foot in the river.

#42 – Talk
She loves the times when it's just the two of them in his hut, her head resting on his lap as he tenderly strokes her coat, his soft, melodic voice flowing over her as he recounts the myths and stories of his tribe until the moon is high on the sky and their fire is burning low.

#43 – Search
He wades out of the river, water running down his body in rivulets, only to stop in his tracks and let out a resigned sigh when he finds his pile of clothes mysteriously missing; the first time it happened he cursed the mischievous demons, but now he knows to blame it on the wolf tracks that litter the snowy river bank.

#44 – Hope
During the days when the heartache becomes unbearable, he goes to sit by the edge of Laochi Lake, letting his gaze linger on the once frozen surface and remembers his final moments with her, hoping that wherever she is, she is happy.

#45 – Eclipse
He watches in horror as the sun slowly vanishes from the sky, as if devoured by a great demon; it feels like his heart has both fallen to his boots and crawled up his throat as a sticky lump and he finds himself wondering vaguely how his heart can be in two places at the same time, only to realize that it's not – all of it is with her.

#46 – Gravity
He didn't think he could ever feel any more humiliated than he does right now, after the ground suddenly decided to slip away from under his feet and he found himself lying flat on his back on the ice; he is proven wrong when he hears her amused bark from the river bank.

#47 – Highway
He is sure his mouth must be hanging open at the sight of the bridge of brightly colored light leading up to the Ark, and as his gaze flicks towards her and he takes in her determined expression, he can’t stop himself from thinking that this is the last time he’s going to see her.

#48 – Unknown
He never thought he would fall in love – it never seemed like it was meant for him – but now he knows he was wrong, so very wrong, and the feeling is both unexpected and welcome as he stares into those beautiful, shining eyes and feels his heart suddenly beat faster.

#49 – Lock
Sometimes he wonders if he should get a lock on his door, as she seems to have the habit of barging into the hut in the most inconvenient moments; he is beginning to think it's more than a mere coincidence that he is always half naked when it happens.

#50 – Breathe
She is snuggled tightly against his side, sheltered from the cold between him and the fire, his larger body curving protectively around her, and as they drift off to sleep the last thing he is aware of is how he catches her flowery scent every time he inhales.
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